Yocan Hit Dry Herb Vape
The Yocan Hit has been proved to be one of the best dry vaporizers in the market. The cyclindrical shape provides a sleek outlook with the hit written at the bottom low adds significantly to the aesthetic appeal of the product. It is available in varying colors, all of which are classy, stylish and quite trendy. The dry vaporizer has a magnetic mouthpiece and features an inbuilt stirrer which helps in maintaining the homogeneity of your material. Moreover, the super fast heat up time of 30 seconds allows your material to be heated in the convection oven over the span of 30 seconds. This is indicated by the smart vibrator technology. When the Yocan Hit is switched on or off with the help of the button present below the OLED Display Screen, it vibrates effectively. Secondly, when your desired temperature is reached, it vibrates again to let you know when to begin with your vaping spree. The temperature controls are present on the side of the device with the help of which you can easily increase or decrease the temperature of your device. It is operated by a long lasting battery which can be recharged with the help of Type C port. The device is great for users who want a handy product which is hassle free, convenient to use and gives the most incredible vaping experience. The Yocan Hit has been reviewed to form the best vape clouds.


    1400mAh Internal Battery
    Conduction Vaporizer
    100% Ceramic Heating Chamber
        Even heat distribution = No combustion!
    Adjustable Temperature
        Temperature Range: 200 – 480°F (93 – 248°C)
    30 second heat-up time
    Haptic Feedback (Vibration reminders indicating heating, on/ off functions)
    Session Timer Options – 3 or 5 minute Vaping Sessions
    OLED Screen
    Mouthpiece features built-in stir tool; users can stir herbs mid-session to ensure an even vaping experience
    Type-C (USB-C) Charging


    (1) Yocan Hit Dry Herb Vaporizer
    (1) Cleaning Brush
    (1) Type-C USB
    (1) User Manual & Warranty

Please read the user manual carefully before using this device