Flawless Tugboat V3
Flawless Tugboat V3 Flawless Tugboat V3
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Flawless Tugboat V3 Two Post RDA Made in the USA The Flawless Tugboat V3 RDA is the next edition of the legendary Tugboat RDA platform, implementing a two post build deck as well as dual adjustable airflow located at the deck as well as the top cap, PEEK insulators, an adjustable 510 connection, and a deep juice well. New for the V3 are dual area adjustable airflow, with a unique adjustable top airflow that flows from the entry slot and is funneled into two 2.5mm airholes on each side. This top airflow design allows the user to strategically place and throttle airflow to a finer degree without having to adjust the main barrel section. The lowered entry position from the top airflow into the chamber also results in improved airflow directly to the coil, resulting in more efficient and effective performance. Traditional dual airslots measuring 7mm by 2mm allow for direct to coil airflow and are throttle directly from the position of the cap to the deck cutouts. The Tugboat V3's build deck sees a drastic revision, moving into a two post platform secured via Allen grub screws with a 2mm diameter terminal per post. This design allows for efficient and easy coil placement while increasing effective deck space. The deck of the Tugboat V3 now features PEEK insulation, and covers the entirety of the juice well, allowing heat to more effectively dissipate and spread through the platform. An included matching Tugboat drip tip features a 8mm bore made possible with a black delrin 510 connection which is friction fitted into the top cap. With a move into a two post build deck and cleverly designed airflow, the Flawless Tugboat V3 RDA is repositioning itself to be the premiere American Made RDA in the market.

Product Features: • 22mm Diameter • Dual Adjustable Top Airflow ◦ 5.5mm by 2.5mm Crescent Entry Points ◦ Two 2.5mm Diameter Airholes Per Side ▪ Enters Directly Into Chamber ▪ Lowered Entry Point for Increased Effectiveness ▪ Finer Level of Adjustment ◦ Two Step Top Airflow Drastically Reduces Leaking • Dual Adjustable Side Airflow ◦ 7mm by 2mm Each Airslot ◦ Adjustable Via Built In Deck Cutouts • Two Post Build Deck ◦ 2mm Diameter Terminals Per Post ◦ Allen Grub Screw Secured ◦ PEEK Insulated Deck ▪ Virtually Eliminates Center Post Spinning ▪ Improved Surface Area for Heat Dissipation • Iconic Tugboat and American Flag Engravings • 8mm Bore Delrin Drip Tip ◦ Delrin Bottom ◦ Friction Fit • Full Stainless Steel Construction Product Includes: • Tugboat V3 RDA • Allen Key • Spare O-Ring