GeekVape Ammit MTL RDA
GeekVape presents the Ammit 22mm MTL RDA, a single coil Mouth-to-Lung RDA with 12 airflow configurations and a dual chambered top cap for a unique vaping experience. The build deck sports a dual post, single terminal deck, with top mounted Phillips screws and a PEEK insulated positive post. The Ammit has a dual chambered top cap for heat dissipation and directing airflow from the air ports located on the top ring of the cap directly to the coil. The top cap has an adjustable ring with two different air ports; one 12mm wide air port that allows for more airflow, and 2mm air port on the other side of the ring for a tighter draw. These two types of air ports allow up to 12 different configurations. The drip tip for the Ammit is threaded and must be screwed on to the drip tip base. The drip tip base has two o-rings allowing it to be easily removed for easily re-wetting the coils. This package comes with three interchangeable drip tips: a 3mm Delrin Tip, a 2mm Delrin tip, and a 3mm Stainless Steel Tip. The Ammit has a recommended wattage range of 15 to 20W. The contact point for the Ammit is a standard gold plated 510 pin. The GeekVape Ammit is a beautifully designed MTL RDA for users looking for a tighter and unique vaping experience!

Product Features

    22mm Diameter
    Two Post, Single Terminal Build Deck
        PEEK Insulated Positive Post
        Top Mounted Phillips Screws
    Top to Bottom Adjustable Air Flow
        Directs Airflow from Top to Coil to Driptip
        Dual-Chambered Top Cap for Airflow and Heat Dissapation
        12 Airflow Configurations
            12mm Wide Air Port
            2mm Narrow Air Port
    Recommended Wattage of 15 to 20W
    Dual Wicking Ports
        9mm Juice Well
    Three Threaded MTL Drip Tips to Choose From
        Short 3mm Diameter Delrin
        Short 2mm Diameter Delrin
        Tall 3mm Diameter Stainless Steel
    Easy to Remove Drip Tip Base
    Gold Plated 510 Threaded Contact Point

Package Contents

    One Ammit 22mm MTL RDA
    One 3mm Stainless Steel Drip Tip
    One 2mm Drip Tip
    One 3mm Drip Tip
    One Allen Key
    One Spare Parts Pack
    One Flathead Screwdriver
    Two Clapton Coils (0.7 ohm)
    One User Manual